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The Association’s multi-disciplinary membership will collect, generate, and disseminate information concerning environmental health hazards to building occupants, industrial sites, and other facility operations.


Since 1983, EIA has been a leader in identifying and sharing information concerning environmental health and safety issues with Building Owners and Property Managers, Environmental Consultants, Remediation Contractors, General and sub-Contractors, Laboratories, Universities, and Government and Regulatory Agencies.  With its beginnings as the National Asbestos Council, the EIA was one of the first organizations to focus on indoor and environmental health and safety issues.  In 1984, EIA was contracted by the EPA to create the first Asbestos Worker training manual, providing a springboard to working with private companies, Universities, and governmental agencies in creating training programs/manuals and guidance documents for asbestos, lead-paint, mold, and other EH&S concerns.

EIA provides an open forum for EH&S practitioners, stakeholders, and the public to enhance their knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding the identification, evaluation, and control of environmental hazards.  The diversity of EIA membership has produced a unique group of experts in the areas of asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, IAQ, USTs, Phase I & II ESAs, and other environmental issues.  Expertise in these areas spans the entire process of abating the hazard, from identification of hazardous materials to management and/or removal and disposal.

EIA is the information and networking source for individuals and companies needing answers to their Environmental Health & Safety Concerns!!

Benefits of Membership

Membership in EIA National automatically provides you with membership in the MidAtlantic Chapter and comes with the following benefits:

  • EIA Net News:  Once a week, you will receive pertinent information via email, from the nation’s leading publications for review and study.
  • Indoor Environment Connections:  This monthly news publication provides a host of information regarding current activities within asbestos, lead, mold, and related industries.
  • Inside EIA:  This monthly newsletter keeps you apprised of the events within EIA.  Selected topics give unparalleled insight into recent trends in our industry.
  • Events & Conferences:  Members receive discounts on attendance to quarterly chapter meetings/technical seminars, networking and social events, and annual conferences.
    • The MidAtlantic Chapter meets regularly and provides speakers to discuss the latest technical developments and regulatory updates affecting our region.
      • Chapter meetings/technical seminars, social events, and annual conference provide excellent networking opportunities to connect with local industry professionals, fellow colleagues, and current and potential clients.
    • EIA’s Annual Conference is an excellent opportunity for members and guests to network and expand their knowledge of emerging and established issues. 
      • The vendor hall provides a low-pressure environment to learn about the latest technology, work practices, and equipment used in the EH&S field.
      • Renowned industry experts present technical sessions on a variety of EH&S issues. 
      • EIA Committees and Round Tables provide members with a forum for frank discussion and focused exploration, research, and problem resolution for the specific issues of each environmental concern
      • The technical sessions and social events provide a comfortable environment to discuss specific problems and concerns with experts in the field and others dealing with similar situations.
  • Members receive discounts on EIA technical publications, training products, merchandise, and events.
  • We are constantly working to identify partners within the business community who offer discounts to our members on valuable services and products.

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